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Jason Horowitz

Horowitz’s photosphere photography breathes new life into two time-honored fine art traditions of landscape and still-life by deconstructing and re-imagining the images by subverting and manipulating panoramas.  By disassembling and reconstructing scenes at a full 360-degree perspective, Horowitz playfully bends space and time to create beautiful images that are filled with a dizzying sense of enigmatic wonder.  His flower photographs represent a more abstract way to look at still-life subjects by creating an alternate space that deconstructs and extends classic notions of still-life art.  Inspired by his pet fish in their aquariums, micro-photography, and space imagery among others, Horowitz suspends plants and flowers in gelatin as if they were trapped in amber.  Shot on film and printed without any digital manipulation, the resulting pictures visualize these traditional still-life subjects floating in an abstract, dream-like space – a twilight zone that poses issues of reality and unreality, fact and fiction, representation and abstraction.


COMMISSION SAMPLES | for reference only

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“These still-life photographs exist at the intersection of photography and painting.  Instead of depicting the world in a realistic documentary fashion, they bend space and time to create abstracted painterly views filled with a dizzying sense of wonder.”


Jason Horowitz

b. 1958, Brooklyn, New York

lives in Arlington, Virginia