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Lies Goemans

Lies Goemans is an Amsterdam-based artist who paints semi-abstract portraits of nature.  Color is key.  Her painting process starts with a ‘color mood’ and is intuitive.  She does not sketch, but lets it evolve on the canvas.  Structure and transparency, lines and surfaces alternate.  No go backs, no do overs, just acceptance and moving forward.  The base is usually in a quick medium so that she can take notes in the moment. Details often follow in oil sticks, charcoal ink and pastel. For her painting is about playing and being seriously committed at the same time and celebrating that perfection lies in the imperfections.

‘Beauty of Transience’ is a series that emphatically celebrates all phases of life.  It plays with residual forms, because that which envelops the emptiness also shapes itself.  There is no need for logic as to where the flowers enter the playing field from.  Painted on raw canvas increases the sense of ease and letting arise what wants to become.


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Beauty of Transcience 1

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For me, most paintings start with a “color mood.”     It is always an intuitive process of letting arise     what wants to become.  If I change a small          dot of color somewhere, the entire painting changes and a new route starts.

I see my work as portraits of nature.  A window into an undiscovered world and a reflection of myself.


Lies Goemans

b. 1965, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands