gut gallery

Can I see the artwork in my space?
Artworks ships directly from the artist studio. Approvals are 7 days.

Shipping is quoted with a destination address.

Yes, most of our artists commission. Commission info is noted in portfolios.

Artwork is unframed unless noted.

Artist submissions?
Portfolios may be submitted for consideration to Libby at [email protected].


Why GUT?
Gut is about having a visceral reaction to artwork. That’s the goal.
Where are you located?
We are located in Dallas but assist clients throughout the US.
Do I need an appointment?
Yes, we are by appointment only. Jac meets designers at their office.
In-home consults or meetings at a client’s home is billed hourly.
Can I come see the artwork?
Artwork is shown virtually and then brought in on a case-by-case basis direct
from the artist’s studios. To bring-in artwork, we invoice you for the piece.
Approvals are 7 days.
How much is shipping?
Shipping is determined by location (of both artists’ studio & destination) as well as
the size & nature of the artwork. (ie, if oversized, rolled, crated…)
GG provides quotes at invoice with a destination address.
Who do you work with?
GUT Gallery works to the trade and with individual collectors by referral.
We also assist with public art & corporate collections.
How does this work?

Established clients can send specs for pulls.
With password entry, you can also search, save, and discover
art at your leisure 24/7.

For project pulls, email specs & a side mark, please!
Photos/CAD are not necessary, but appreciated.

Do you frame?
We can handle framing with one of our preferred vendors.
We do not deliver or install.
What is your price range?
Average cost of artwork runs $3,000 to $7,000.
Typically artwork is under $12,000
(With a few exceptions, of course!)
Photography? Prints? Glicèes?
No, no, & no. Original artwork only.
Who do you represent?
Emerging & mid-career artists. Jac’s bar is to love the artwork.
Plain and simple.
Do your artists commission?
Commission information is noted in each artist’s portfolio as applicable.
Artist submissions?
Artist submissions can be sent to [email protected].